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The Saviour finally gets published

Author: D C Wood                        Title:            The Saviour

ISBN:            9781907785016            Genre            Science Fiction/Fantasy                                    Price £8.99



Artemis Publishers are pleased to announce the publication of

‘The Saviour’ by D C Wood

Once upon a time, there were two orphans. Both suffered unimaginable tragedy. Tragedy that not only affected them, but the entire world as well. Eight years later, they have returned

Enter Adam Soranatos, a teenage celebrity martial artist, and a young man who is unaware of his true destiny. And enter Jaron Mahanah… who you will know as The Saviour. Together they will reunite as they find themselves caught in a vicious circle of violence and manipulation, made up of faces long thought dead, ghosts that made them what they are, and newcomers who will either be friends, enemies, or both.

Daniel Christopher Wood was born on 26th April 1985 and grew up whilst dealing with mild Asperger’s Syndrome. Upon graduating Macclesfield College, he has since gone on to write many poems, reviews, fan fiction, the web-exclusive audiobook “Nameless” and his animated web-cartoon series D.C. Wood’s AWFUL poems…ON STAGE!!! Currently residing in Congleton, Cheshire, he is a prominent member of the local Writer’s Forum. To learn more, visit The Writings of Saviours at

He’s also OFFICIALLY known as Lord Daniel Christopher Wood of Ryecroft (certifiably proven!), and believes people should be allowed to keep their beards at work.

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