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Greetings, chums! Long time, no see!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and that you have a positive 2015!


I will start mine by saying…‘Hooray! My website is restored!’


It’s been a long time in the making but I’m pleased that my website is finally functioning again. I do apologise for leaving it in such a sorry state for so long, but much has changed over the last few years. Learning to drive, getting on radio, covering local events, work, becoming an uncle, and with several projects on the go, this website has had to be shunted to the backbench.


However, all is now more professional-looking again, and I’ll do my best to keep on top of it and avoid neglecting it again. I’m still on Facebook and YouTube (both of which you can check out under ‘Links’), so tune-in there for updates of ongoing projects, as well as my radio show ‘The Box of Stuff’, every Tuesday night on Beartown Radio at 7pm.


Box of Stuff (cover photo)


Writing-wise, my 2013 radio serial ‘Bear Spirit’ is released in podcast novel form courtesy of the great folks of! Check it out HERE at Also, I’m in the midst of re-writing ‘The Saviour & Hi-Jax’ – the long-awaited sequel to ‘The Saviour’ – for a 2015 release (that’s the plan, anyway), so plenty of stuff to expect in the foreseeable future.

Bear Spirit (1400x2010)

Take care, everyone. Stay tuned!


D.C. Wood (05.01.2015)

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