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I hope you’re all safe & well

Greetings, everyone.

As usual I apologise for the lack of updates on this site. Family, work, theatre and other projects have made me neglect my website.

And of course…the Coronavirus Pandemic that has affected the entire world.

Wherever you all are…stay safe, stay sane, stay well…and stay brave.

Having been furloughed from work, I’ve taken the time to get back in touch with my creative side. I have several new projects on the go, including brand new artwork, a new weekly series on YouTube where I review the Arrowverse TV Seasons (check out the link here)…

Also, I am planning on working on new series of BOTH Bear Spirit AND The Box of Stuff! Stay tuned!

Also, having joined the Phoenix Theatre Company, I am looking forward to starring in my next production at Daneside Theatre, which will be Alan Bennett’s Lady in the Van.

Also…my latest poem “The Fear & Caution Of Living” is now up in My Poems, covering my feelings on the pandemic. Please check it out.

Now…rewrites of BOTH The Saviour AND The Saviour & Hi-Jax have been completed. However, due to the current crisis, I’m putting off publishing on those on hold indefinitely.

See you all again on the other side. Keep your spirits up and stay safe.

D.C. Wood (09.05.2020)

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