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Just as I’ve been busy throughout the pandemic to take my mind off things, so too have I remained busy with all the madness still plaguing our world.

Following two years of the coronavirus scourge, Vladimir Putin launched his insane invasion of Ukraine. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine who are suffering this senseless war. Everyone around the world are doing what they can to help, including the people of Congleton with charitable donations and fundraisers.

My thanks and congratulations go out to John Lindley and Mike Drew for organising a fund-raiser for the Ukraine Benefit at Congleton Library on 21.03.2022. Featuring a variety of poetry, music and storytelling, the event was a great success; we raised a total of £1138 for the Disaster and Emergencies Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Well done to everyone involved and cheers again to John & Mike.

If you can spare any aid for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, please consider donating to the Red Cross at this link.

I have also written a new poem called ‘A Tyrant By Any Other Name…’. It’s available to read now in My Poems.


D.C. Wood (04.04.2022)

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