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Look, there’s a road littered with sin.

A brain coloured with naughty crayon.

Turning the pages of the life album,

it’s…hard re-reading the ‘mistakes’ volume.

And the ‘worst days ever’.


You wrote these pages everyday.

They went to print instantly,

and you couldn’t take them back.

And either you wrote the plots,

or they were written for you.


You were either hunter or hunted,

so decreed the Lord of the Flies.

A kick to your head, a prank gone wrong,

an insult you didn’t mean and can’t rub out.

‘Tears & Fears’, ‘Revenge & Remorse’,

‘Mates aren’t Mates’, ‘I Want Suicide’…


Chapter-after-chapter the story went…

Volume One: Childhood.

Volume Two: Adolescence

Volume Three: Adulthood


Then you come to ‘Mistakes & Learning’.


And look forward to the next book.


Revenge isn’t in this sequel.

Apologies are in the acknowledgements,

‘Forgive & Forget’, ‘Living for Today’,

‘Moving On’ and ‘More Important Things’

are the names of these new chapters.


Oh, look. There’s a house decorated with love.

A heart that’s painted with older & wiser gold.

Turning the pages of this latest saga,

this ‘rectify’ volume makes for great reading.

The ‘best days’ are on the next few pages ahead.


I’m sure this book is meant for all.


By D.C. Wood (25.11.13)

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