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Buried alive…in a catacomb of thoughts.

Questions, regrets, hopes & insults…

Swarming around like bats.


Trapped…by an avalanche of memories.

Good times, bad times, dreams & nightmares…

Suffocating like train smoke.


Impossible to sift through,

Impossible to dig safely.

Yet you must,

So you do.


Through the waterfalls of yesterday,

I find my purchase.

‘Get a grip!’ yells a voice,

somewhere from the caverns.


Anchoring myself with the rope of today,

Digging carefully with tools of focus,

I climb, shutting out all those taunts…

Those dark subconscious laughs,

Those distracting repeats of trivia…


And I climb…


Twisting, turning, spiralling,

I keep my grip on today.

Concentrating on the task of hand,

The reality at light’s end.


I may be washed asunder by nightmares,

Buried under the weight of my own psyche,

Hell, my harness on sanity could break,

From excessive wear & tear…


But I still climb.


My creative torch-light still shines,

Good deeds motivate & sustain me.

Fellow, familiar climbers help me on my travels…

Yes…I know their faces.

I know them.


They always help me climb.


It’s dark this place.

Every single day.

But I still see the light at the end.

And how far I’ve come.


So I’ll keep climbing.

Hanging on to today…

And reaching for tomorrow.


By D.C. Wood (13.04.2015)

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