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The gift is yours.

Every waking second,

every sleepy moment.

Reality, dream, thought & wish…

wrapped up in snow & magic.


I know you’ve had this gift before;

yesterday, last week, last year…

But when decorated in snazzy paper,

the gift always changes.

Different, counted thoughts,

one-after the next.


The present is never perfect.

It breaks too easily,

and when it does,

it always makes people

sad, angry and lost.


But – just as easily –

the pieces can be picked up.

Look, the present can be fixed!

It can still be shared!

Along with all the food, drink,

crackers, games, party hats…


There should never be tears

when Santa comes…but there are.

There isn’t meant to be shouting

when Snowmen fly…but there is.

Just as there’s laughter over

those Two Ronnies.

And happy munching on

all that Turkey & Stuffing.


A promise of wine,

thank-you peanuts for Rudolph,

dressing the tree up nice…

and taking a moment.

To remember Christmas Past.

Say ‘thank you’ to Christmas Present.

And ‘all the best’…to Christmas Future.


Merry Christmas, one and all.

Hope you like your present.


By D.C. Wood (08.12.2013)

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