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Here lies Amelia,





Words shouldn’t fade.

They’re not supposed to.

Immortal etchings in stone.

Legacy engraved, timelessly safe.


So why is Amelia’s memory damaged?

Her marker is tarnished!

Most inscriptions erased by common foot,

Wear and tear spiriting Amelia away,

To the oblivion of forgetfulness.


How come everywhere else is so pristine?

Centuries magnificent, defiant of time,

this breathtaking architecture.

It’s a safe haven

decorated with stained glass,

Stamped with God’s seal of approval.


Honouring iconic, holy,

clean, unspoiled, unforgettable

men and women on the wall,

nice and safe and preserved.


While Amelia and others more,

Are just used to wipe visitors’ feet.


By D.C. Wood (07.09.2012)

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