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They there were,

The immortal ones.

Woven in gold,

Coming towards us

From canvas sea.


Rough as tides,

Smooth as sandpaper,

The oncoming wave.

We stood frozen,

Entranced by confusion.


“Friend or foe?”

We shouted them.

Silent they were,

As they advanced,

Under textile stars.


Row by row,

They came forth,

Numbers never ending,

Imagination carrying them

From infinity itself.


We greeted them,

They greeted us.

The moment captured,

By finest patchwork.

Then they spoke.


“Do not fear,”

Their voices united,

Threaded together beautifully.

“Be awe-inspired, believers.

Marvel this achievement.”


“Behold our gift.”


By D.C. Wood (29.06.09)

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