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When the sun comes out to play,

on any given day…

So many things sparkle under its magic,

made all the more fantastic.


The sea becomes more alive,

heavenly clouds swell & thrive.

Grass decorates the cliffs of Llandudno,

and seagulls cry above & below.


And as you march on & explore,

Marvelling at God’s creations galore…

You hear the musical rhythm of engines,

and then you see Man’s beautiful inventions.


Triumph Heralds smile at you,

Morris Travellers cry out ‘hello’.

Classic Mercedes are on holiday,

Mini Coopers freely getaway.


A cavalcade of vehicles are marching,

These marvellous colours are flying.

But even though the glorious sight shall fade…

Your day will forever be truly made.


Goodbye, Great Cars.

You truly are daylight stars.

And as you roll on home…

Please do return to this Oh-So-Great Orme.


By D.C. Wood (22.06.2016)

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