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“Hello, there. I’m Sophie.”

“Nice to meet you, Sophie.”


“Are you new here?”

“It’s the first time in a long time.”

“Ah! Starting over again. I know the feeling.”


“Okay, you’re sure what to do?”

“I think so, Sophie.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you. Let’s just have fun!”

“Smooth running and dry rails, yeah?”


“You weren’t kidding, Soph!

The scenery’s better than I remember!”

“Looking through a fresh eye helps,

as well as running on fresh tracks.”

“Let’s go faster! Are you ready?”

“Yeah! Let’s go!”


“Mind that pheasant! Feather the brake!”

“Sorry, Sophie!”

“Oh, don’t be! This your first time driving?”

“Second. First was steam.”

“You’re doing well! Glad you’re enjoying the ride.

Most people hate me because of what I am.”

“All are equal in my book, Soph.”


“So…how are you feeling?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, at the station, your dad told me

that you’d been sick…”

“Oh, don’t worry about THAT.

No point worrying over old fuses

Not when passengers need you.”


“Sound the horn! Boards up ahead!”

“Okay, Sophie! We’re making good time!”

“We’ve nothing but time! Steady does it!”


“Sophie…what’s life like as a diesel?”

“Well…it’s no different than a steam engine…

“Or even a human, really.”

“I don’t understand…”


“Well, you have good days and bad days.

You have people who love you and people

who hate you.

Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you’re sad.

You see some amazing things,

travel and visit beautiful places,

you work hard and rest well.

You need fuel constantly.

You injure and tire, and you have people

who mend you and make you better.

And most important…you have people

who need you.


“Like I needed you today.”


“Wow…thank you, Sophie.

For a very splendid day out!”


“Not at all! Thank you!”


By D.C. Wood (12.05.2015)

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