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The reaper’s new weapon has come into effect.

Ravaging human stock worldwide…making us reflect.

“What did we do to deserve this?”

“What can we do to combat this?”


We forget ebola, we forget swine flu…

Oh, yes, we forgot foot & mouth too!

Just like we’re forgetting pneumonia! Aids! Cancer!

Oh, no! What’s the cure?! What’s the answer?!


Someone save us…someone cure us!

I’m not ready to go yet! Heavens preserve us!

Oh, no! I’m hungry! There’s no food!

Need to get to the shops! Quick! Move! Move!


Wait…wait…what if I leave the house?

What if get it from the birds? A dog? Even a mouse!

No! Can’t leave the house! Might get run over!

That car’s coming toward me! A MASSIVE RANGE ROVER!

Death is all around me. It’s all around us.

And in equal measure, there is life. And thus…

We must tread. Towards the unknown.

Heeding the warnings we are shown.


For every road, there is a crossing.

With traffic lights to make it a blessing.

But just as there are seatbelts and quarantine,

It’s all useless without common sense and hygiene.


I showered, I bathed, I washed before…

Remembering to do so today, tomorrow…germs I can never ignore.

I leave home to go to work, I leave home to fun.

Braving this world and all its perils…living until living is done.


Looking both ways, washing my hands.

Laughing & singing across all the lands.

Staying healthy, eating sensibly.

Leaving enough for others, thinking rationally.

Before and after this new coronavirus, there is special-offer death.

Stockpiled, flying off the shelves, for us to take our last breath.

I’ll avoid THAT one. Take care around THAT one.

Preferring to hope for the best…for the life I’ve won.


I fear, I shiver, I beware…

WE all fear, shiver and beware.

Just as I care.

Just we all care.

And like we need to share.


By D.C. Wood (16.03.2020)

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