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I see and I hear and I smell.

Answers of all flavours,

Memories of all delights,

Stories and adventures

that travel with soul.


Look! Listen! Taste!

Discover! Meet! Behold!

The majesty of bagpipes!

Warriors of the squared circle!

Steam engines conquering the snow!

The princesses who were brave!

The poets who regaled us!

The Doctors who saved us!

The architecture of Edinburgh!

The glory of the Highlands!

The waft of porridge!

The allure of whiskey!

The satisfaction of haggis!

Proclaimers are a’ singin’!

Nessie is a’ swimmin’!


The whispers of Auld Lang Syne…

The osprey you can see…

The artists who created…

The friends I love…


What is Scotland?

All of these things.

Beauty, adventure & soul.

Infinity…and infinity.


By D.C. Wood (28.01.2022)

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