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Christmas Life

The gift is yours.

Every waking second,

every sleepy moment.

Reality, dream, thought & wish…

wrapped up in snow & magic.


I know you’ve had this gift before;

yesterday, last week, last year…

But when decorated in snazzy paper,

the gift always changes.

Different, counted thoughts,

one-after the next.


The present is never perfect.

It breaks too easily,

and when it does,

it always makes people

sad, angry and lost.


But – just as easily –

the pieces can be picked up.

Look, the present can be fixed!

It can still be shared!

Along with all the food, drink,

crackers, games, party hats…


There should never be tears

when Santa comes…but there are.

There isn’t meant to be shouting

when Snowmen fly…but there is.

Just as there’s laughter over

those Two Ronnies.

And happy munching on

all that Turkey & Stuffing.


A promise of wine,

thank-you peanuts for Rudolph,

dressing the tree up nice…

and taking a moment.

To remember Christmas Past.

Say ‘thank you’ to Christmas Present.

And ‘all the best’…to Christmas Future.


Merry Christmas, one and all.

Hope you like your present.


By D.C. Wood (08.12.2013)

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The Mind Tunnel

Buried alive…in a catacomb of thoughts.

Questions, regrets, hopes & insults…

Swarming around like bats.


Trapped…by an avalanche of memories.

Good times, bad times, dreams & nightmares…

Suffocating like train smoke.


Impossible to sift through,

Impossible to dig safely.

Yet you must,

So you do.


Through the waterfalls of yesterday,

I find my purchase.

‘Get a grip!’ yells a voice,

somewhere from the caverns.


Anchoring myself with the rope of today,

Digging carefully with tools of focus,

I climb, shutting out all those taunts…

Those dark subconscious laughs,

Those distracting repeats of trivia…


And I climb…


Twisting, turning, spiralling,

I keep my grip on today.

Concentrating on the task of hand,

The reality at light’s end.


I may be washed asunder by nightmares,

Buried under the weight of my own psyche,

Hell, my harness on sanity could break,

From excessive wear & tear…


But I still climb.


My creative torch-light still shines,

Good deeds motivate & sustain me.

Fellow, familiar climbers help me on my travels…

Yes…I know their faces.

I know them.


They always help me climb.


It’s dark this place.

Every single day.

But I still see the light at the end.

And how far I’ve come.


So I’ll keep climbing.

Hanging on to today…

And reaching for tomorrow.


By D.C. Wood (13.04.2015)

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Crisp Fund

We appeal to your humanity.

The cost of living is a frugal one.

And comes in many delicious flavours.


I, the Chancellor for Cheese & Onion,

am struggling to deal with this

rift in the crisp cabinet.

The Secretary for Salt & Vinegar

has been betrayed by inflation.

The Minister for Ready Salted…

well, he’s just calling for a drier mouth.


Our Speaker in the House of Prawn Cocktail,

is outraged by the ingredients of recession.

That these disgusting new flavours,

‘Credit Crunch’, ‘MP’s Expenses’ & ‘Government Guidelines’

have left such a bad-taste in one’s mouth.


Our budget alone is insufficient

to cover our hungry bellies,

as well as those of the Walkers Party,

the HPs, the Smiths Party, the Golden Wonders,

and of course, the Kettle Party.


We are hereby rallying all houses,

regardless of whatever flavours you support,

to chip-in for our potato chips.

Forget to vote for ‘Cajun Squirrel’ and ‘Builder’s Breakfast’.

It is imperative we all support the oldies & goldies,

So that we may have something decent and plentiful

to go with our pints for the next year!


I now call upon the leader of the opposition

to supply me with my Cheese & Onion. It’s his round.


By D.C. Wood (15.05.2013)

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Whizz! Bang! Ooooh, Pretty!

Up goes the rocket into the night!

Sparking! Whistling! Cor, what a sight!

Vanishing into the stars! Look, there it goes!

Before exploding into a thousand rainbows!


One firework, two firework, three firework more!

Explosions! Colours! Shapes & sizes galore!

That one looks like an animal! That one looks like a face!.

Yet all exploding fireworks make the night ace!


By D.C. Wood (11.03.2013)

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Glen Night Tide

These black waters be still.

All’s at peace; no omens ill.

Nessie’s away, ferries are asleep.

Twinkle stars shine across the deep.


Adventures beckon children’s wake.

Misty icing decorates mountain cake.

Pale moon stares into liquid mirror,

romance draws the heart nearer.


Joyous whisky spells splendid night,

spray of sea adding nice delight.

And as the haggis settles down,

and life’s troubles drown…


The piper’s majestic shrills echo,

along with the purring of Loch Ness gecko.

And the ghosts of Celtic Warrior’s pride,

Decorate this magical Scottish tide.


Billy & Roddy be proud.


By D.C. Wood (23.09.2013)

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The Evolve Story

Look, there’s a road littered with sin.

A brain coloured with naughty crayon.

Turning the pages of the life album,

it’s…hard re-reading the ‘mistakes’ volume.

And the ‘worst days ever’.


You wrote these pages everyday.

They went to print instantly,

and you couldn’t take them back.

And either you wrote the plots,

or they were written for you.


You were either hunter or hunted,

so decreed the Lord of the Flies.

A kick to your head, a prank gone wrong,

an insult you didn’t mean and can’t rub out.

‘Tears & Fears’, ‘Revenge & Remorse’,

‘Mates aren’t Mates’, ‘I Want Suicide’…


Chapter-after-chapter the story went…

Volume One: Childhood.

Volume Two: Adolescence

Volume Three: Adulthood


Then you come to ‘Mistakes & Learning’.


And look forward to the next book.


Revenge isn’t in this sequel.

Apologies are in the acknowledgements,

‘Forgive & Forget’, ‘Living for Today’,

‘Moving On’ and ‘More Important Things’

are the names of these new chapters.


Oh, look. There’s a house decorated with love.

A heart that’s painted with older & wiser gold.

Turning the pages of this latest saga,

this ‘rectify’ volume makes for great reading.

The ‘best days’ are on the next few pages ahead.


I’m sure this book is meant for all.


By D.C. Wood (25.11.13)

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